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c++ - dump memory leaks fnc for 16bit dos

reply miro <miro456 pobox.sk> writes:

I need, a think there will be somebody else who need also, 16bit dos
alternative for win32 _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks function.
Thanks in advice.

PS: Sory for posting here, but 16bitDOS newsgroup seems to be dead

Best regards
Sep 18 2007
parent reply AndyC <no.no noone.com> writes:
I have to ask, why can't you move to 32bit?
Sep 19 2007
parent reply miro <miro456 pobox.sk> writes:
Because im developing app for icpdas 7188 on which run 16it dos like OS
Sep 20 2007
parent Andy C <ah.jkdsf yahoo.com> writes:
This link implies to me that it is not available for 16-bit.

Since your application is an embedded system, there are probably
sample codes to do the same thing on the web.
Sep 20 2007