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c++.dos.16-bits - Suggestion for tiny sds.lib


I would like to explain one of my idees, to compile tinier exe with the small

In a program, when we include some functions like mathematical,... the size of
the exe grow up very fast,

this is also due, that the double definition takes somes place (~~3ko).(but
the functions we include need it)

I suggest to creat an optional sds.lib where double== float:
so we free 3 ko and more, because when we use double in the functions, thez
would be compile as float (4o less) so we would perhaps free 6ko.
Often we don't need to use double. In this way, we free a lot of space.

Is-it possible? (it would be great)

PS: My English may not be very well
Jan 21 2010