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c++.dos.16-bits - Re: fopen requires const char instead of char in other compilers

Thank you very much!

that cleared a problem I had for me!

(tj, sometimes (when not using it for a long time) it's directly in front of
you and you don't recognize it (I didn't get the code to work as expected
actually): I need to dereference argv[1]! of course...)


"Heinz Saathoff" <hsaat bre.ipnet.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:MPG.18bab22821d8c3d69896b5 news.digitalmars.com...
 Lars Hansen schrieb...
  int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ int i; char b[4096]; ...
 if(b[i]!=argv[1]) ...

| +----- type char* +----------- type char You try to compare a char with a char* which is type incompatible. BTW, be carefull when comparing pointers. In the above case a string compare would be better: if(strcmp(a, argv[1])==0) ...
 I seem not to have watched the compiler output concentratedly enough)

- Heinz

Feb 17 2003