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c++ - compiling openssl with dmc

I'm in need of openssl for a project (compiling fossil under windows
http://fossil-scm.org/) and I would like to use dmc for it.

However openssl doesn't support dmc (correct me if I'm wrong)

What are my options to build (static compiled) openssl with DMC?

I can build it with MSVC. But the static libs will not be usable (right)?
I could work with the DLL and make an import lib for ssleay32.dll 
libeay32.dll (right)?
The last option might be used by other people and they have made a DEF 
file! Is such a file available?

Any other ideas?
I understamd that D has the capabilty to work with openssl. Might that 
help in some (weird) way?


Aug 29 2010