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c++.announce - New Milestone =?UTF-8?B?4oCT?= CodePorting Converts 5 Million Lines of

CodePorting has achieved another expressive milestone thanks to 
all the developers who are using CodePorting services to converts 
C# code to java. CodePorting users have collectively translated 
more than 5 million lines of C# code to java and they have 
achieved this milestone in just 180 days since their launch in 
December 2011.

Below are some interesting stats,

•	Total Lines of code ported by CodePorting users: 5,007,188
•	Total Registered Users: 1,765

While celebrating this milestone, they are not wasting any time. 
They are continuously improving their product  to make it the 
best of its kind. As a part of this effort, they have recently 
provided support to import the source code from the repositories 
at GitHub and BitBucket.

CodePorting is a cloud hosted application that is one of its kind 
and has successfully converted 5 commercial products of Aspose to 

Join them today to be a part of many upcoming “millionths” 
milestones. If you have already joined them then  sign-in now and 
have a hands-on.  Experience out of the box features like Code 
Snippet Porting, Code Analyzer Reports and Library Manager.

You can also integrate CodePorting C#2Java  add-in to Microsoft 
Visual Studio IDE or use their powerful set of APIs to have more 
Jun 28 2012