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c++.announce - Convert Lambda Expressions From C# To Java Using CodePorting Engine

CodePorting is one of few sites which is always trying to make it 
easier for developers to translate their C# Apps to java 
instantly by adding more and more language constructs in their 
CodePorting C#2Java Engine.  To keep this persistent nature, they 
have recently added Support for Lambda Expressions in CodePorting 
Engine.  Anyone of you who don’t know what Lambda Expression is 
let me explain it to you in short. Lambda Expressions are 
unspecified methods in C# which provide brief and functional 
syntax. But in java there is no alternative for Lambda 
Expression, so from now on CodePorting C#2Java engine will 
intelligently handle these kinds of expressions by producing the 
auto generated code.

See the following Code Example to see how CodePorting handles 
converting Lambda Expressions while converting from C# to Java:

C# Code:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace CSharp2Java.Samples.Convert.LambdaExpressions
     public static class LambdaSample
         delegate int del(int u);
         static void Main(string[] args)
             del myDelegate = b => b * b + b;
             del mydel2 = x => x * x * x - x;
             int j = myDelegate(5); //j = 25
             int y = mydel2(5); //y = 125

Java Code:

package CSharp2Java.Samples.Convert.LambdaExpressions;


public class LambdaSample
     interface del{
	 int invoke(int u);
     static void main(String[] args)
         del myDelegate = new del() {
public int invoke(int b) {
     return  b * b + b;
         del mydel2 = new del() {
public int invoke(int x) {
     return  x * x * x - x;
         int j = myDelegate.invoke(5); //j = 25
         int y = mydel2.invoke(5); //y = 125

 From the above example it is clear that CodePorting Engine 
created interface classes to handle Lambda Expression.
Jun 03 2012