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c++.announce - Convert C# Source Code to Java directly from GitHub and BitBucket

CodePorting is an online service that has achieved exceptional
popularity among developers who are using it to convert their C#
code to java instantly.  CodePorting allow developers to access
their code from anywhere at any time in the cloud.  They are
continuously trying to add new exciting features to improve
conversion experience of developers and also associating with
social coding websites and repositories.

After the great response from customers CodePorting is taking a
step ahead  and providing a integrating support of public
repositories from GitHub and BitBucket. CodePorting has announced
that users can now  access public repositories at GitHub and
BItBucket within CodePorting Application.  Developers can now
import C# code hosted on public repositories of GitHub and
BitBucket, convert it to java and then manage newly converted
java code back to their favorite social coding site. Before that
developers could only import and export their code to private

It would be much easier for developers working on .Net developers
to have access to public repositories. All they need to do is to
provide URL of public repository like GitHub and BitBucket etc
and import their project. Whether its converting a code snippet
or thousands lines of codes, CodePorting can do it instantly.
They are also working on GitHub plug-in and they will soon update
their users about it.  The advantage of this plug-in will be if
you carry out any change in your GIitHub C# code repository it
will be instantly converted to java.
Jul 04 2012