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c++.announce - CodePorting has Renewed Free Account and Monthly Pricing Plans

CodePorting has always acknowledged the applauding feedback from 
their customers and it has also helped them to improve and 
deliver more better results.  User’s feedbacks, suggestions and 
praises have shown great interest among the developers across the 
world. CodePorting has renewed their monthly pricing plans 
according to their customers and their requirements. They have 
changed their pricing plans after getting feedbacks from 
customers to offer them a pricing plans that fits their 
requirements. Users will now have a choice to choose from any 
monthly package and upgrade to another according to their project 
requirements. These pricing plans have been designed according to 
project size, number of solutions and LoC conversion. User can go 
through the details and choose the  plan for suitable for their 

Codeporrting is offering Free Trial Account for users to convert 
their code for free and help them explore the application. This 
way users can test the application and assess its performance nad 
get satisfied before going for any pricing plan.  With free trial 
account user can upload project with 1000 LoC in size and convert 
a maximum of 500 lines of code. Previously C#2Java Library 
service was available only for paid users but now it is available 
for free trial accounts also now users can  convert and complile 
it as well for 30 days of trial period.

CodePorting’s monthly pricing plans are designed to best fit 
user’s requirements and users can choose any packsge that fits 
them best.  CodePorting’s Bronze plan is perfect to start with 
becaise it allows user to convert 25,000 lines of code. Likewise, 
Silver package allows you to convert 2 Projects with total of 
50,000 lines of code. If you are looking for pricing plan that 
offers more project then go for Gold Pacakge because with this 
plan you can convert 3 projects with 150,000 lines of code in 
total. Diamond plan is for those users who have 5 projects to 
convert and upto 300,000 lines of codes.

If your project of quite large and does not meet with any of the 
available plans then user have the option to go for custom plan. 
All they have to do is share their project requirement with 
codeporting’s Sales team and they will provide them the best 
fit plan according to their requirements.
Aug 23 2012