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c++.announce - CodePorting Now Provides CSharp2Java Plugin for GitHub Users

CodePorting is having great success and the key element of their 
success is that they offer the best possible service to their 
customers with complete accessibility. To improve the codeporting 
experience for users, they have developed a service hook that 
enables the GitHub users to convert their C# source code 
repositories without having to leave GitHub environment.

All users, Regardless of their subscription type, can use this 
features. If you are a GitHub user and you want to migrate your 
C# source code that resides on GitHub, simply follow the 
instructions given below to use the CodePorting C#2Java service 
hook for converting your C# code to java.

1.	Create a repository in Gihub to hold the Java code and 
initialize it.
2.	Go to the Admin settings of the repository holding the C# code.
3.	Find the Service Hooks tab on the left side of your admin 
panel and click it.
4.	From a list of available Service Hooks, select CodePorting 
C#2Java Service.
5.	In the Service Hook settings screen you will find the 
directions required to configure the plugin.

Below are details of the fields required by the CodePorting 
C#2Java service screen.
•	Project Name: Could be any name of your choice.
•	Repo Key: This is the source repository name, holding the C# 
source code.
•	Target Repo Key: This is the target repository name. This 
repo will contain the ported Java code.
•	CodePorting Username: Your CodePorting Username/Login-Id.
•	CodePorting Password: Your CodePorting Password.
•	Github Access Token: Click on this link to get the token. 
This is the unique token generated using Github OAuth token 
generation process, that allows the CodePorting application to 
get permission from your github acccount for commiting changes to 
the Github.

Once you configured the CodePorting C#2Java service hook, you 
have to remember two important things.
1.	 If you change anything in the source repository CodePorting 
C#2Java service hook will be triggered
2.	The CodePorting C#2Java service hook will create a project in 
your CodePorting account. So if your subscription allows only one 
project then you have to delete the existing project for 
triggering the porting process.
Oct 21 2012