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c++.announce - CodePorting Data Manager securely manages your C# and translated java

Codeporting team has added more features to enlarge user’s code 
translation experience and to secure their source code.  The most 
important thing that is required during the translation of code 
is “User Code Security”.  Codeporting makes sure that code is 
secure and no unauthorized person can access it.  Codeporting 
offers the exact sort of security that any web-based code 
conversion application should offer.

Using CodePorting Data Manager, users can now manage their 
projects, libraries and data. Users can now delete their 
completed projects, libraries, analysis reports and repository 
data from codeporting. This feature is available for all 
customers, paid or non-paid.  The paid customers will have the 
choice to delete selected data from codeporting account.  It will 
enable them to remove only specific data that they want to remove 
and not the complete data.  If you haven’t signed up yet for 
codeporting’s monthly plan, you can choose Bronze package and 
get more features for your project on codeporting.

The paid customers also have the option of private conversion the 
advantage of which is that they can delete anything related to 
project that is being converted using Visual studio plug-in, 
BitBucket or Github plug-ins. With private conversion option, 
once you delete your project, there would be no trace of any 
project file on our server and it would be permanently removed.

Codeporting keeps record of customer’s usage details and also 
measures the performance by managing the data for road maps.  
Users can send their analysis report data to our team to help us 
improve our service. For this,  CodePorting team will require 
your permission to access your analyisis data report to add 
missing methods in our future road maps. CodePorting will also 
add these missing methods in Library for customer’s use.

CodePorting provides you highest security measures which protects 
your code from hackers and other competition by offering you the 
best code conversion experience.  Codeporting offers password 
protceted subscription and users can securely manage their data 
using Data Manager. Users can subscribe for monthly pricing plans 
for more features of data management and code security. Using 
CodePorting data manager both paid and non-paid customers can now 
manager their data and can also delete their data from 
Aug 15 2012