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c++.announce - CMOV

reply Ed <matador home.nl> writes:
I want to use CMOV in my asm inline stuff. Unfortunately DM does
not recognize CMOV and reports an error. From the documentation I
conclude I must use the switch -6 (generate P6 code) but this
option can't be selected from the graphical interface (scw32), the
pulldown does not go further than -5 (generate Pentium code).

Is there not a newer scw32 version?
Jun 25 2012
parent Ed <matador home.nl> writes:
Additonal informations:

1. Running from the command line with "-6" instead of "-5" does
not help either.

2. Running SC.EXE from the command line reports:

Digital Mars Compiler Version 8.42n
Copyright (C) Digital Mars 2000-2004.  All Rights Reserved.

However I have upgraded to the last one currently, 8.52

3. When looking at the .MAK it states:

ORIGIN		= DigiMars C++
ORIGIN_VER	= Version 7.22

4. Finally running SCW32 -> Help -> About Digital Mars C++ I get:

Digital Mars C++ version 7.51


And now I am completely lost. I bought the CD 10-12 years ago.
Jun 25 2012