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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 23: Documentation release - doc review wanted

There are three changes with this release:

    1. More directory refactoring. This is now nearly complete: there are 
now no top-level #include files, and only ~15 in some sub-directories.
    2. The MFCSTL component mfcstl::list_adaptor is now gone the way of the 
Dodo. Like CArray et al, this is now covered by the 
mfcstl/collections/clist_adaptors.hpp file, which contains the Instance 
Adaptor class template mfcstl::CList_iadaptor. See the unittest file for 
examples of use. Note: Unlike the arrays, this provides only a non-mutating 
view over a CList-family MFC class instance. There is no Class Adaptor class 
template (i.e. CList_cadaptor), nor is there provision of mutating 
operations over the underlying list instance in CList_iadaptor. This may 
change in the future. Any suggestions/contributions are welcome.
    3. The Documentation has had a bunch of work done on it. Specifically, 
32/553 candidate source files are now complete wrt documentation. In 
particular, the Memory Library 
(http://stlsoft.org/doc-1.9/group__group____library____memory.html) is 
complete. Please check out the documentation for all the components in this 
library, and see whether it meets your requirements. In particular, the 
documentation for stlsoft::auto_buffer 
(http:///stlsoft.org/doc-1.9/classstlsoft_1_1auto__buffer.html) has received 
a lot of effort, and I would very much appreciate knowing whether it's up to 
scruff. Finally, please also check out the examples 
(http://stlsoft.org/doc-1.9/examples.html) and let me know how they stand.

Since nearly all the hard work on the directory refactoring is done, the 
only remaining significant impediment to 1.9 is the documentation. Pending 
your feedback on the Memory Library, I will apply this to the remaining 521 
files as soon as I am able, and we can get a first "proper" release. :-)

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_9_1b23


Sep 16 2006