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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.8.1 released with Digital Mars C++ 8.41

I'm happy to announce the release of v1.8.1 of STLSoft.

The two important changes are:
 - all components (of STLSoft main project, and *all* sub-projects) are now
licensed using the BSD License, as ratified by the Open Source Initiative
 - the release of the STLSoft implementation of RangeLib
(http://www.rangelib.org/), the implementation of the Range concept, just in
time for the publication of the (hopefully) seminal article on the subject,
in October's C/C++ Users Journal, written by yours truly and fellow
contributing editor John Torjo. Ranges are a complimentary concept to
Iterators, aimed at manipulation of collections as a whole, and are both
easier to use and provide a more comprehensive abstraction of collections.

Of course, there are also a lot of minor additions, and several bug fixes,
as follows at the end of this post.

As usual, please feel free to send in comments, suggestions and bug reports,
either direct to me in email or, preferably, on the STLSoft newsgroup. Oh,
and if any of you fancy a riveting good read, you can buy my new book -
Imperfect C++ (http://www.imperfectcplusplus.com/) - which will be published
on the 9th October, by Addison-Wesley. :-)

Cheers, and good coding!!

Matthew Wilson

Author: "Imperfect C++", Addison-Wesley, 2004
Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal
Director, Synesis Software
STLSoft moderator

mailto:admin stlsoft.org
mailto:stlsoft hotmail.com

"So far, C++ is the best language I've discovered to say what I want to
say" -- Alex Stepanov


11th September 2004 : STLSoft 1.7.1 => 1.8.1

Sub-project versions

  ATLSTL  1.3.1 -  no changes
  COMSTL  1.4.1 -  no changes
  .netSTL 1.1.1 -  no changes
  InetSTL 1.0.1 => 1.0.2
  MFCSTL  1.3.5 -  no changes
  UNIXSTL 1.1.1 => 1.2.1
  WinSTL  1.4.1 => 1.5.1


 The most obvious change is that the licensing for all STLSoft libraries has
 changed to use the BSD license
 (see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.html).

 The other significant change is the addition of the STLSoft RangeLib
 implementation (see http://www.rangelib.org/)

 There are other, minor changes and bug fixes, as follows:

  - addition of value_proxy proxy template class to
  - minor adjustments to auto_buffer
  - addition of stlsoft_environment_block.h, defining environment_block
  - addition of os_exception class to stlsoft_exceptions.h file
  - fix to fast_string_concatenator to remove assumption of contiguous
    (thanks to Sean Kelly for spotting this)
  - addition of is_char_type<> discriminator to stlsoft_meta.h
  - addition of stlsoft_proxy_iterator.h file, defining proxy_iterator class
  - fix to stlsoft_string_access.h, for GCC 3.3.x (thanks to Peter Kreger
  - addition of difference_type and const_reference to string_tokeniser

  - addition of difference_type to basic_findfile_sequence

  - addition of unixstl_exceptions.h file, defining unix_exception class
  - addition of swap() method to file_path_buffer class
  - addition of is_file() and is_directory() methods to filesystem_traits
  - minor bug fix to unixstl_functionals.h
  - significant reworking of glob_sequence class, including throwing of
    glob_sequence_exception on (non-GLOB_NOMATCH) glob() failure, and
 (maintenance of) sorting of filtered results sets.
  - addition of unixstl_module.h file, defining module class for loading
    shared objects (dynamic libraries)
  - addition of unixstl_path.h file, defining path class

  - fix to winstl_absolute_path.h
  - addition of winstl_console_ctrl_handler_scope.h file, defining
    console_ctrl_handler_scope class
  - fix to winstl_drophandle_sequence.h
  - addition of winstl_environment_block.h, defining environment_block
  - addition of set() and reset() methods to event class
  - addition of winstl_exceptions.h file, defining windows_exception class
  - addition of swap() method to file_path_buffer class
  - addition of winstl_winstl_filesystem_functions.h file
  - addition of is_file(), is_directory(), create_directory(),
    delete_file() and rename_file() methods to filesystem_traits
  - addition of difference_type to basic_findfile_sequence
  - minor bug fix to winstl_functionals.h
  - addition of IsWaitObjectSignalled() and HasOverlappedIoCompleted()
functions to
  - addition of winstl_module.h file, defining module class for loading
    shared objects (dynamic libraries)
  - minor bug fix to winstl_module_filename.h
  - addition of winstl_path.h file, defining path class
  - addition of handle() accessor method to process_mutex
  - addition of StringFileInfo handling to version_info
  - addition of winstl_window_icon_scope.h file, defining window_icon_scope
Sep 11 2004