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c++.announce - Version 2.4.1 of the Synesis Software System Tools is released

Greetings all fans of system tools

I've just spent a few days upgrading the tools, adding new ones, and automating
the whole process.
I'm pleased to inform you that the latest version - 2.4.1 - of the System Tools
(Win32) are
available now at http://synesis.com.au/systools.html.

With the new automatic process, I should be able to release with greater
frequency than the once a
year effort it has been so far, so tell your friends to sign up, and please feel
free to send in
your suggestions for new tools.

I've not yet got the Linux versions ready, but plan to do so if I can get some
time over the next
few days.

Finally, if any of you are also subscribed to, or users of, the Synesis Software
Shell Extensions
(http://shellext.com/), STLSoft (http://stlsoft.org/) or recls
(http://recls.org/) you can expect
updates to all of them shortly. If you're not, maybe you should give 'em a try.


Matthew Wilson

Synesis Software, Custom Software Development Solutions
Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal
STLSoft moderator

May 12 2004