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c++.announce - Trojan masquerading as an email from "The Digitalmars.com team"

There's a trojan email circulating around with the text below. This email is
an attempt to trick the user into clicking on its file attachment. If you
receive any of these, ignore and delete.

Dear user, the management of  Digitalmars.com  mailing system wants  to let
you know  that,

Some of our clients complained about  the spam  (negative  e-mail  content)
outgoing  from your  e-mail account. Probably,  you have  been  infected  by
a proxy-relay trojan server. In order to keep  your computer  safe,
follow the instructions.

For more information see  the  attached  file.

Best  wishes,
    The Digitalmars.com team
Mar 08 2004