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c++.announce - 10 Evident Advantages of using CodePorting for Converting C# Apps to

If you want to keep up your pace with the dynamically changing
requirements of internet market, you need to be competent enough
to accommodate your targets flawlessly and energetically. If you
are developer and you don’t want to keep your files, apps and
projects restricted to one platform then CodePorting C#2Java
Converter can help you overcome this barrier. CodePorting C#2Java
App converts your C# files, apps, projects and source code to
java instantly and make them platform independent.  Using C#2Java
converter you can enjoy the following well-known advantages.

•	A well-designed and easy to use user interface of CodePorting
C#2Java App allows even  non-developers to convert their C# code
to java without learning a new coding language.
•	You can use C#2Java Platform on any OS and browser and it
also allows you to manage your conversion tasks from anywhere.
•	Using C#2Java App you can either convert your complete
project or a part of your project instantly.
•	CodePorting Provides Class Library Manager using which you
can map your .Net types with their equivalent parts in Java and
can also customize Library map according to your projects.
•	CodePorting C#2Java provides Add-in for Microsoft Visual
Studio which allows you to easily convert your C# projects and
files to Java from your local environment. This Add-in supports
all major version of Visual Studio(2005, 2008, 2010).
•	You can import your C# projects or files hosted on public
repositories like GitHub and BitBucket  and convert it to java
and you can also host your newly converted java code back to your
favourite social coding site.
•	 Using CodePorting’s Data Manager you can easily manage
your C# and converted java project and keep them safe from any
unauthorized access.
•	Using CodePorting’s built-in source code editor you can
easily edit and fix you source code.
•	Using C#2Java code analyzer you can analyze your source code
and pin point the functions which are not convertible.  You can
easily develop its equivalent in java and thus update your class
•	CodePorting REST APIs allows you to develop your application
and also integrate CodePorting Porters in your web as well as
desktop applications.

If you have your product developed in .Net and your customers
wants to make it platform independent then subscribe to
codeporting.com and convert your project to java instantly to
make it platform independent.
Sep 30 2012