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c++ - What happens to the C++ compiler


I was wondering what your plans are regarding the C++ Compiler
in the long term. Obviously, you have created a full-blown
compiler (from lexer & parser to optimized back-end), which can
compete with Borland, Microsoft, GCC.

What happens to it if, God forbid this, some accident happens to
you ? Do you have a script running somewhere that automatically
posts the source code in case you don't type in a password every
30 days ? Is there a secret organization that has access to the
repository and calls you once a year ?

OK, that was mostly a question asked out of curiousity, but I am
sure that many of us wonder that from time to time. :)

I really think that your compiler is great, I am grateful that you
allow us to use it for free, and I hope that you live a long and
happy life; I am sure that you will make the compiler even better !

Yours truly,
Nov 06 2007