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c++ - The Ultimate Representation of C++ Semantics

The starting idea for this approach is fairly simple ? since the fundamental 
types of C++ are quite similar to the conventional C++ classes ? why not 
represent them with the help of standard C++ constructs. Consequently 
applying this idea to other C++ built-ins, the complete language could be 
defined in the form of a primordial library containing the explicit 
definition of all language fundamentals. The version of C++, extended by 
such expression abilities, will allow compositions of distinct collections 
of fundamental types, control statements and implementation mechanisms.

Unfortunately, the practical attempt to compose such a description fails 
immediately because several characteristics of C++ built-ins are looked at 
as being basically inexpressible in the conceptual system of this 
programming language.

The work www.generalinformationtheory.com/cpp.php shows how minor extensions 
of C++ enable the explicit definition of its complete semantics and 
demonstrates the general specification of C++ produced in the extended C++.
Dec 07 2011