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c++ - Question about DMC Win64 bit plans


I understand that Win64 support for DMC and DMD is planned, and that Walter
didn't get very far yet. However, I'd like to
ask a question anyway. One thing I *really* like about DMC's Win32 support is
that it is a stand-alone package that can
be downloaded free of charge or be obtained on a low-cost CD. I can run it on
an old Win95 box if I want to, or even on
Linux/Wine if I don't want to buy Windows at all, and still build Win32
While I appreciate that Microsoft's Win64 compiler is free of charge (included
with their Platform SDK), it is, as I
remember, a *huge* download, and it requires at least Win2000 or WinXP to only
install the Platform SDK. Other Win64
compilers that I am aware of (Intel and Portland Group) run on top of
Microsoft's Platform SDK, hence they also require
Win2000 or WinXP.
I wonder, what are the plans for DMC's Win64 support? Will you license the
libraries you need from Microsoft and
distribute them along with the DMC CD? Will DMC64 require Win2000/WinXP? Will
you direct DMC users to Microsoft's
Platform SDK? Will it be possible with DMC to compile for Win32 *and* Win64
targets from an old Win32 release, like
Windows 95 or even Linux/Wine?

Oct 16 2006