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c++ - OPTLINK: Error 16: Index Range

reply Morten Green Hermansen <mortengh fanitas.com> writes:

I am trying to build some C source (outputted for JCGO - java -> c translator)
but are having a linking problem:

 Disken i drev C har ikke noget navn.
 Diskens serienummer er 143F-F8E3

 Indhold af C:\bldSMS\build\src

07-07-2010  12:11    <DIR>          .
07-07-2010  12:11    <DIR>          ..
07-07-2010  12:11               966 Class.c
07-07-2010  12:11               634 Class.h
07-07-2010  12:11             6.661 Main.c
07-07-2010  12:11             2.449 Main.h
07-07-2010  12:11               412 Main1A26.c
07-07-2010  12:11               594 Main1A26.h
07-07-2010  12:11             8.731 Object.c
07-07-2010  12:11             1.094 Object.h
07-07-2010  12:11             1.203 String6D.c
07-07-2010  12:11             1.142 String6D.h
              10 fil(er)           23.886 byte
               2 mappe(r)   3.030.499.328 byte ledig

C:\bldSMS\build\src>C:\dm\bin\sc -IC:\JCGO\INCLUDE -IC:\JCGO\native
V Main.c
link "Main",,,"user32"+"kernel32"/noi;
OPTLINK (R) for Win32  Release 8.00.5
Copyright (C) Digital Mars 1989-2009  All rights reserved.
Main.obj(Main)  Offset 00DBBH Record Type 009D
 Error 16: Index Range

--- errorlevel 1

Anybody having an idea in which direction I should go to fix this problem?
I mean the documentation for OPTLINK says: "Index Range: A record in the
object file provides an index value which is outside the allowable range of
values. The most likely cause is that the object file is corrupt, due either
to a disk accident or to a translator error."

Strange in that it is itself who has just made the code!?

Best regards,
- Morten Green Hermansen, Fanitas
Jul 07 2010
parent Walter Bright <newshound2 digitalmars.com> writes:
Morten Green Hermansen wrote:
 I am trying to build some C source (outputted for JCGO - java -> c translator)
 but are having a linking problem:
The general idea with things like this is to reduce it to the smallest possible code that reproduces the problem, then file a bug report for it here: http://bugzilla.digitalmars.com/issues/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=. Thanks!
Jul 08 2010