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c++ - No vector library?

reply "Josh" <spiroth10 gmail.com> writes:
I decided to try digital mars out instead of Microsofts compiler 
(visual studio 2013 pro), which is my main dev environment...

I've been looking for an alternative, and while GCC is my 
favorite outside of windows, I find it not optimum (in terms of 
filesize, speed wise its great, but not filesize and compile 
time), and WONT use intels compiler because its biased against 
other processors and im morally against this...

but I NEED libraries like vector, I'm studying game programming, 
and while I can make my own versions of SDL or whatnot, I cant 
build vector from scratch -- I use it for inventories and other 
such things...

when I try to compile the game Im working on now, for example, it 
gives me the error:

  ||unable to open input file 'vector.h'|

why is this? GCC, borland, microsoft, and almost every compiler 
Ive ever used supports this library... I thought it was a basic 
part of C++, as well as part of the language standard? am I 
missing some files, or is DM C++ just not including it?
Apr 22 2015
parent "Josh" <spiroth10 gmail.com> writes:
I wanted to add, I didnt actually put vector.h in at first...

it ALSO says the same thing as just <vector> without the 
extension -- and in the dm/include folder there is no vector 
either... at all..
Apr 22 2015