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c++ - Map file seems garbled?

While trying to understand some unusual crashes I see that some
lines in the map file are messed up.  Here are 2 examples.  Is this
a problem or is this correct?  Both cd851 and cd852 updates produce
identical map files. Thanks.  AndyC

004567B8H 0045685AH 000A3H
Module=MiscLib\ListViewEx.obj(ListViewEx) [??1CListView  UAE XZ]
00456850045685CH 004568E7H 0008CH
Module=MiscLib\ListViewEx.obj(ListViewEx) [??1CCtrlView  UA004568E8H
004569B4H 000CDH   Module=MiscLib\ListViewEx.obj(ListViewEx) [??
004569B8H 00456A6DH 000B6H
Module=MiscLib\ListViewEx.obj(ListViewEx) [??_GCCtrlView  UAEPAXI Z]


0046F340H 0046F3EBH 000ACH
Module=C:\dm\bin\..\mfc\lib\nafxcw.lib(inet) [?
OpenFile CFtpConnection  QAEPAVCInternetFile  PBDKKK Z]
0046F3ECH 0046F403H 00018H
Module=C:\dm\bin\..\mfc\lib\nafxcw.lib(inet) [??1CGopher0046F3ECH
0046F403H 00046F404H 0046F427H 00024H
Module=C:\dm\bin\..\mfc\lib\nafxcw.lib(inet) [??
_GCGopherConnection  UAEPAXI Z]
0046F428H 0046F4EFH 000C8H
Module=C:\dm\bin\..\mfc\lib\nafxcw.lib(inet) [??
0CGopherConnection  QAE PAVCInternetSession  PBD11KG Z]
May 09 2012