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c++ - Linker Fails to resolve references

I originally had a single C++ program that did compile and link. 
After making changes to library code that did not directly impact 
the program it failed to compile with the infamous error:

COMPILE   (tOrigBackup)
nbytes = 65664, ph_maxsize = 65520
Internal error: ph 1854
--- errorlevel 1

I broke the original code into several modules and created a 
static library of the components. The library compiles and links 
correctly. All code is in source files that
are not class files.

Now when I compile the original program with the code removed, 
that is now in the library, the compile works but the linker has 
multiple unresolved references.

I have many other programs that link against other libraries with 
no unresolved reference issues.

I am confused by the problem. I assumed the linker would make 
multiple passes to resolve references. All of the required code 
is on the library.

Any ideas?
Dec 07 2019