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c++ - Font resource vs. bitmaps

I noticed there is a raster font editor in the DM 852 bin
directory, and I read the help file for it.

I have been creating my own raster fonts as bitmaps, loading them
as bitmap resources and blitting them in loops with GDI BitBlt
using known character widths. It works great, but, I am wondering
how much more efficient the rendering would be if I created the
same font with this font editor, loaded it as a font resource and
blitted it using TextOut (if that is even possible with a raster
font). Do I really gain anything? Isn't the equivalent of a BitBlt
plus a character width calculation and cursor position update
already occurring for each character you print with TextOut
anyway, under the covers? And I have implemented my own
alternative to DrawText since it doesn't give you tight
measurements anyway, so having DrawText available doesn't add any
value for me (unless of course the rendering is more efficient or
there is something else I'm not considering -- I'm not going to
get antialiasing or any of that stuff, and would not want
resizing, with a raster font anyway, right?).

Jul 12 2012