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c++ - 98 console character size

reply Howard <hlenderk bcpl.net> writes:
Hi,  I hope this is not to off topic as it is not dmc related...but

My win98 console defaults to auto for the character size.
When I change screen sizes in a program, 'auto' changes character sizes which 
can be rather annoying.

Rather than having to ask the user to manually set the character size I would 
like to have the program size it.

I see the functions GetCurrentConsoleFont, etc
and the structure CONSOLE_FONT_INFO  for xp/vista but nothing for 98.

Is there a way to do this?
Where would I look in the long list at msdn2?
I have been looking in this branch:

Apr 17 2007
parent Howard <hlenderk bcpl.net> writes:
I found a partial solution to this problem.

In Windows 98, when I run one of my C programs from the
Start > Run my program runs on a console. (duh)
A right-click on that top bar and then Properties reveals
that the command line for that console is:
Using the file manager I went to the file and right-clicked
to examine properties and the same type of console Properties
window opened where I was able to set the default text size.
Now when I run from Start > Run, my changes are in effect.

I would still like to be able to change from my program !!!,
but this beats having to do it manually on each run...
Apr 25 2007