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c++ - UNIX

reply "Michel Bolton" <absolute1008 hotmail.com> writes:
Does anyway know weather C++ runs under UNIX?
Feb 05 2002
parent "Richard Johnson" <rich REMOVETHISBITnorthernsky.uklinux.net> writes:
"Michel Bolton" <absolute1008 hotmail.com> wrote in message
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 Does anyway know weather C++ runs under UNIX?
There are plenty of c++ compilers for Unix if that's what you mean. Of course, you'll need to recompile any code you've written under Windows if you want it to run on Unix, and you may well need to re-write portions of it if you're been using the windows or dos api, or mfc. The windowing system is quite different under Unix as well as it uses X-Windows so any gui may well need extensive rewriting unless you've used a portable set of gui widgets such as QT. Richard.
Feb 13 2002