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c++ - Comparisson

    As far as I now, nowadays there are some comercial compilers, that are
available publically:

    - Digital Mars C++ 8.xx: It was Symantec C++, and now is available as a
free download. The IDE, and the rest of visual tools are shipped in a CD
that costs 30$.
    - Watcom C++ 11.0c patch: The patch aplies under 11.x versions. Anyways,
the stand alone patch include more or less the features of the downloadable
CD of Digital Mars.
    - Borland C++ 5.51: The free version, only allows you to compile Win32

    I want to know the weak and the good points of each one, specially in

    About DMC, what will be its target, when Open Watcom 1.0 becamo
publicilly available and Open Source? Is Walter planning to release DMC as
Open Source?
Dec 03 2001