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c++ - WINSPOOL.LIB - ctrig.cpp

reply John Jameson <John_member pathlink.com> writes:
Hi Walter

It appears that the WINSPOOL.LIB shipped with DMC 8.47 appears to be broken.
When I attempted to run my app, it fell over at launch with Windows complaining
that it could not find WINSPOOL.DLL. 

This is not surprising because there isn't a WINSPOOL.DLL. There is a

I guess there is something funny about WINSPOOL.LIB such that it binds to some
other file. A quick peek in the old WINSPOOL.LIB suggests that the binding is to

I tried re-making WINSPOOL.LIB from the MS import library, using the new
COFFIMPTOOL; that failed with the same effect. So I guess the file you are
shipping got made this way in the first place.

I have reverted to the previous version of WINSPOOL.LIB; all is well with that
but I guess you will want to look into this further. I'm guessing the converter
tool is assuming a DLL extension, rather than preserving whatever is given in
the input library.

On an unrelated point, could you update CTRIG.CPP in the build, as attached. The
original version has some of the functions commented out so my apps don't link.
I'm presuming this won't have any adverse affect on anyone else.

Best Regards

begin 0644 ctrig.cpp
M+RII9&5N=`DB0" C*6-T<FEG+F-C"3$N,R` (#8O,B\Y,"( *B\-" T*+RH-
M"B`J*B` 0V]P>7)I9VAT("AC*2`Q.3 X+3$Y.3` 1'EA9"!3;V9T=V%R92!#
M;W)P+ T*("HJ("!!;&P 4FEG:'1S(%)E<V5R=F5D#0H *BH-"B`J*B` 075T
M:&]R<SH ;'=D+"!G96(-"B`J+PT*#0H-"B\J("!2969E<F5N8V5S.B` #0H 
M*BH ("` ("` ("!!8G)A;6]W:71Z(&%N9"!3=&5G=6X ,3DW,B`-"B`J*B` 
M("` ("` ($AA;F1B;V]K(&]F($UA=&AE;6%T:6-A;"!&=6YC=&EO;G,-"B`J
M*B` ("` ("` ("A.871I;VYA;"!"=7)E874 ;V8 4W1A;F1A<F1S*0T*("HJ
M#0H *BH ("` ("` ("!%<VAB86-H(#$Y-S4-"B`J*B` ("` ("` ($AA;F1B
M;V]K(&]F($5N9VEN965R:6YG($9U;F1A;65N=&%L<PT*("HJ("` ("` ("` 
M*$IO:&X 5VEL97D 86YD(%-O;G,I#0H *BH-"B`J*B` ("` ("` ($%#32`Q
M.3 W#0H *BH ("` ("` ("!#;VQL96-T960 06QG;W)I=&AM<R!F<F]M($%#
M30T*("HJ("` ("` ("` *$%S<V]C:6%T:6]N(&9O<B!#;VUP=71I;F< 36%C
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M*2`O(" Q+7 I*2\R+BD[#0I]#0H-"F-O;7!L97  87-I;BAC;VYS="!C;VUP
M;&5X)B!Z*2` ("`-"GL-"B` 8V]M<&QE>"!X(#T ;&]G("  8V]M<&QE>"`H
M,"PQ*2`J('H *R!S<7)T*&-O;7!L97 H,2PP*2`M('HJ>BDI.PT*("!R971U
M<FX 8V]M<&QE>"`H(' N:6TL("UX+G)E("D[#0I]("` #0H-"F-O;7!L97  
M86-O<RAC;VYS="!C;VUP;&5X)B!Z*2` (`T*>PT*("!C;VUP;&5X('  /2!L
M;V< *"!Z("L 8V]M<&QE>"`H,"PQ*2`J('-Q<G0H8V]M<&QE>" Q+#`I("T 
M>BIZ*2D[#0H (')E='5R;B!C;VUP;&5X("  >"YI;2P +7 N<F4 *3L-"GT 
M("`-"F-O;7!L97  871A;BAC;VYS="!C;VUP;&5X)B!Z*2` (`T*>PT*("!C
M;VUP;&5X('  /2!L;V<H*'H *R!C;VUP;&5X*#`L,2DI+R M>B`K(&-O;7!L
M97 H,"PQ*2DI.PT*("!R971U<FX 8V]M<&QE>"`H("UX+FEM+S(L(' N<F4O
=,B`I.PT*?0T*#0H-" T*#0H-" T*#0H-" T*#0HH
Mar 28 2006
parent %u <cdjkvfusdk hotmail.com> writes:
im trying to play ORLY'S DRAW A STORY but it wont work because it
cant find winspool.dll and i dont know what to to
Feb 05 2008