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c++ - Watcom


thanks and I really appreciate your support.Actually my target is to access the
Serial Port in real time through code generate by OpenWatcom compiler. Anybody
knows the functions available in OpenWatcom which are simillar to
inportB/outportb or Digitals Mars' inp and outp.... Thanks... I tried hard and I
am trying to find some documentation or function list in the Web which will tell
me about which functions are available in the OpenWatcom... And I haven't found
a single list of functions of OpenWatcom.

By the way, to just brief you about what I am doing.. I am trying to generate a
Real-Time code through Simulink(for Matlab's Real Time Windows Target) by using
the OpenWatcom compiler. The reason for using the OpenWatcom is; that is the
only compiler supported by the Real Time Windows Target for generation of
Real-Time Code.

Previously I was thinking that I will be able to use Digital Mars but MATLAB
doesn't even recognise the DIGITAL MARS. I am frustrated with MATLAB....

But I have to accept the fact.

thanks and I appreciate you guys patience and help...

Dec 16 2005