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c++ - DM C++ and MIDL.EXE

Has anyone got any experience of using the MIDL compiler (MIDL.EXE) supplied
with DM C++ to create DCOM interfaces.

All I can get out of it is

Microsoft (R) MIDL Compiler Version 5.01.0164
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1991-1997. All rights reserved.
Processing .\vdmapi.idl
midl : command line error MIDL1003 : error returned by the C preprocessor (1)

And this even for trivial IDL files with no C preprocessor constructs???

My impression is that MIDL.EXE is running CL.EXE and that something is going
wrong at that point.

I can, of course, run MIDL.EXE under VC++ and then try and compile the resulting
output files under DMC but I can imagine that leading to other problems!

Alternatively I can do the latter and then hand-craft a new header file to use
with the DM C++ application. 

But it would be nice to get it to work properly.

Aug 18 2005