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c++ - STLSoft 1.8.5 released - fixes bug introduced with 1.8.4

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_8_5

Quick fix release to address a bug introduced into WinSTL's
basic_findfile_sequence in version 1.8.4

Details as follows:

New sub-projects:


Sub-project versions:

 ATLSTL         1.0.2
 ATLSTL         1.4.2
 COMSTL         1.5.3
 .netSTL        1.1.1
 InetSTL        1.1.2
 PlatformSTL    1.0.1
 MFCSTL         1.3.1
 UNIXSTL        1.3.1
 WinSTL         1.6.3  =>  1.6.4

Significant changes:

 STLSoft main project
 ~ stlsoft::cmdargs (stlsoft/cmdargs.hpp)
    ~ bug fixed whereby double slashed arguments were improperly parsed
    + added m_original member to the option structure
 ~ stlsoft/string_split_functions.hpp
    ~ split() now returns a boolean indicating whether the delimiter was
       in the source string

 ~ winstl::basic_path (winstl/path.hpp)
    ~ Fixed bug whereby some compilers got confused between assignment and
 ~ winstl::basic_findfile_sequence (winstl/basic_findfile_sequence.hpp)
    ~ Fixed bug introduced in 1.8.4 whereby the directory was mishandled
       using certain constructors.

 Note: The combination of the version 1.8.4 addition of multi-part patterns
   the fixes in 1.8.5 mean that WinSTL's (basic_)findfile_sequence can now
   handle all of the following usages and provide appropriate behaviour:

   // Search for winstl_*.h in the STLSoft directory
   findfile_sequence_a ffs("H:\\3Pty\\STLSoft\\1.8.5", "winstl_*.h",

   // Search for all subdirectories of the STLSoft directory
   findfile_sequence_a ffs("H:\\3Pty\\STLSoft\\1.8.5", "*.*",

   // Search for *.cpp and *.hpp in the current directory
   findfile_sequence_a ffs("*.cpp;*.hpp", findfile_sequence_a::files);

   // Search for *.exe in the SYSTEM32 subdirectory, and *.dll in the SYSTEM
   // subdirectory of C:\Windows
   findfile_sequence_a ffs("C:\\Windows", "SYSTEM32\\*.exe;SYSTEM\\*.dll",

   // Special case for eliciting information about the local directory
   findfile_sequence_a ffs(".", ".", findfile_sequence_a::directories);
Aug 01 2005