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c++ - Open-RJ 1.3.2 released

26th May 2005 : Open-RJ 1.3.1 => 1.3.2

There are four changes.

The first two are aimed at helping users get to grips with the 
library, as

- the first change is the addition of three more test programs - 
  Cpp_minimal and STL_minimal - that demonstrate minimal and easy 
use of the C++
  and STL mappings.

- the second change is a "Getting Started" page within the 

(Thanks to Rajiv Bhagwat for showing where things were not as easy 
as they should
have been.),

The other two changes are code changes in the C++ and STL mappings:

- The Record/record classes, in the Open-RJ/C++ and Open-RJ/STL 
  respectively, now return const Field/field instances, to prevent 
misuse in the
  following form:

  record[0] = record[1]; // Will now not compiler

- The Open-RJ/C++ Record class has enhanced subscript operators to 
  ambiguous resolution when used with literal integers.

May 25 2005