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c++ - Working on STLport 4.6.2: latest problem

reply Scott Michel <scottm aero.org> writes:

Been hacking away at compiling STLport 4.6.2. While the RTL does compile 
and build, there are all of the test programs that people should be able 
to build and watch work. It's also a good way to verify that things are 
working like they ought.

I've attached a ZIP file the illustrates what looks like a compiler 
"feature" -- I know it's large, but it's the preprocessed output. The 
feature is triggered at line 5182:

	typedef __false_type implemented;

I compiled the file with "dmc -WA -Ar -Ae -v maptest.cpp" (no special 
flags, since the file was produced using "-e" initially.) Using "-v" is 
a nice feature, since the compiler will tell me what structures it has 
encountered and processed. __false_type is never spewn forth by "-v"'s 
output, leading me to conclude that the compiler never processed the 
structure, despite the fact that its definition occurs before line 5182.

I hate to throw such a large file in your direction and I'm willing to 
invest time into pruning it down to bare code to demonstrate the 
compiler feature if it prooves too unwieldy.

Aug 17 2004
parent Scott Michel <scottm aero.org> writes:
Scott Michel wrote:
<something completely ridiculous>

...Never mind... I've been staring at this pointless STLport crap for 
too long...

Aug 17 2004