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c++ - Failure to access enum in bolt-in's parameterising type

The following code gives

    boltinenum.cpp(25) : Error: 'sequence_type' must be a public base class of
'?$sequence_wrapper V?$sequence D  '

which is obviously a bit of a problem. ;)

    template <typename C>
    class sequence
            files   =   0x01

    template <typename S>
    class sequence_wrapper
        typedef S   sequence_type;


    int main()
        typedef sequence<char>                  sequence_t;
        typedef sequence_wrapper<sequence_t>    wrapper_t;

        int f = wrapper_t::sequence_type::files;

        return f;

I know there's a simple workaround - by typedef'ing to an intermediate type from
wrapper_t::sequence_type, and then accessing the enum value from there - but
is in highly-ported code, and it already contains more #ifdefs than the XP
source. ;(
May 22 2004