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c++ - Switching to DM from MinGW/MSYS

I am working on the Windows port of a Linux tool (http://k3d.sf.net) and have
reached the end of my tether with MinGW/MSYS and it's autobuild stuff. I'd
really like to switch to DMC as it seems faster, more suited to Windows (than
gcc, which in conjunction with make takes >4hrs to build K3D on my 1.4GHz P4),
and free.

However, the project is heavily based on autoconf/automake/autobuild, and is a
very complex project in terms of both amount of code, and organisation of code.
I was wondering if anyone has any advice on the easiest/best approach to getting
K3D to compile with DMC. Ideally without having to maintain a single huge
makefile, which I used to do before trying to get autobuild to work on MSYS.
Ideally something that could integrate neatly with the current auto*
configuration files would be good, but any suggestions gratefully received.

As a side note, I also run my own Open Source project that builds with MSVC
under Windows (in case anyone is interested, MSVC won't work for K3D, the
compiler isn't up to it), and if this goes well, I would be very keen to switch
that to DMC as well, to enable Windows developers to help out without filling M$


Paul Gregory
Feb 27 2004