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c++ - <cNAME> header & namespace (Oh and stlport...)

The following is a small issue that have basic obvious work around but
I thought I'll say it anyway.

Currently, the library files that comes with the compiler implement
the C++ headers for C library by basically just including the C
equivlent. As it stands it's non-conformant because the declarations
and definitions are not within namespace std.

Now to change it, I know it's not as simple as just declaring
namespace std and then include the C header (I've read this somewhere
recently) (Ahha found it!)
but it would be nice if this is corrected sometime :-)

Oh and if I use stlport, then the declarations and definitions are in
std and it works fine. However, if I specific the -A switch to the
compiler, I get the following error:
#   define __DFL_TMPL_PARAM( classname, defval ) class classname =
\dm\stlport\stlport\.\stl/_config.h(370) : Preprocessor error:
--- errorlevel 1


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    - Heinrich Heine
Feb 21 2004