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c++ - opengl32.lib

Hey guys,

A quick question, I need opengl32.lib for a project I'm working on. I've
tried generating the lib from the dll with Jan's modified implib, but
somehow I've not been successful in generating the  # suffixes... I also
tried converting from the MSVC6 lib by link /lib /convert and then using
borland's coff2omf, but DMC won't accept that lib. For sppn.exe in implib I
use scppn.exe which is in the free distro of DMC, it is processing the
include files as it takes quite a while for implib to complete, but it still
doesn't give me any suffixes so I guess that isn't working, could someone
tell me what I need to get it working? And also why doesn't the convert
work? Borland's libs should be compatible with dmc's shouldn't they?

Also if someone happens to have the lib for DMC or could easily generate it,
I would really appreciate a copy, I really need it and am facing an upcoming


Remko van der Vossen
Oct 20 2003