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c++ - Extraneous ; - love it!!


Another hearty congrats

In doing some compiler comparative work, I'm running my base COM library (44
C & 37 C++ source file; 111 header files) through a range of compilers.

DMC++ has again shone its little beacon of quality on my code.

It has been my practise for a number of years to denote empty blocks,
whether they be methods or loop contents, as the following




nor, in the case of loops,


However, we're now passing into code that's been unchanged for over half a
decade - has COM been going that long? No wonder the M$ marketing team have
decided it is in our best interests to have something new to learn! - and
joy of joys, DMC++ informs me

  "Warning 7: possible extraneous ';'"


  for(end = dir; *end != xT('\0'); ++end);

should be written as is my (current) wont

  for(end = dir; *end != xT('\0'); ++end)

Nice one. ;)
Jun 11 2003