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reply Nicholas Lesniewski-Laas <lesnin rpi.edu> writes:
Hi again,
I realized that I was merely careless in my previous attempt at compiling
Xerces-C++ with DMC.  I've been more careful in my second attempt, and managed
to get much of it compiled.  I did, however, run into a weird error:

\src\xercesc/util/RefHashTableOf.c(226) : Error: size of ValueStore is not known
--- errorlevel 1

Line 225-226 of RefHashTableOf.c is as follows:

if (fAdoptedElems)
delete curElem->fData;

where curElem->fData is of type TVal, which is a template type.
I looked back further into the code for the various classes that make up curElem
and the class that this method that produced the error (it was a cleanup
function called from the destructor), and I couldn't even find an instance of
the ValueStore class around it, before it, above it, anywhere!

I understand that this would be more difficult for you to figure out then for
me, considering I don't think many of you have tried using Xerces-C++ with DMC
(I know one guy said he had for a little bit, but didn't really keep with it).
I was just hoping that maybe someone would have a suggestion for ways of finding
the source of the error.  I'm done working on it for the night, maybe something
will come to me tomorrow as I'm going back over it.


(considering my luck with previous posts, I'll probably find the solution right
after posting this and post an update saying, "whoops, looks like I made an ass
of myself again!")
Feb 23 2003
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
That kind of error will appear if ValueStore is declared, but not defined
anywhere, as in:

struct ValueStore;

So, I'd start by doing a grep to see where ValueStore is declared & defined.
Feb 24 2003