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c++ - dmc & wxWindowsHi,

reply Kon Tantos <ksoft1 attglobal.net> writes:

I have managed to compile & build the wxWindows library (2.40, msw) with 
dmc 8.31 on Win2k.

I copied the visual c make files and made just enough changes (rather 
clumsy hacks at this stage). So far, I have tries building the debug & 
ndebug static libraries.

One issue, smake crashed with an application error, so I had to use 
nmake to build the library.

To build the library follow the wxWindows instructions for visual c, but 
use makefile.dm, rather than makefile.vc. The instructions are in the 
install.txt file.

I also had to patch the source code to add precompiler code to recognise 
  dmc or work around a couple of issues where dmc did not like the 
source code. The changes are decribed in wx_dm_patches.txt.

I also built an idde project for one of the demos (life). I was able to 
build it with both the debug & ndebug libs. However only the ndebug lib 
version ran ok. The debug lib version complained about a mismatch 
between the lib 2.4(debug) & the prog 2.4 (no debug). I haven't had a 
chance to chase this yet.

The life code & project is also attached. The project assumes that 
wxWindows has been installed to f:\wx240\.

All the dmc make files & wx_dm_patches.txt are in the attached zip file. 
The zip file has the appropriate structure to simply be xcopied over a 
wxWindows 2.40 installation. I have not included the patched source 
files to keep the zip to a min.

I will be away from the PC for the next week. When I get back, I plan to 
refine the 'patches' & submit them to the wxWindows developers.

Kon Tantos
ksoft1 attglobal.net or kon.tantos tafe.nsw.edu.au
Jan 12 2003
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
Jan 12 2003