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c++ - Precompiled headers crippled?


From my experiments here, and reading
http://www.digitalmars.com/ctg/precompiled.html it seems that the DMC
precompiled headers have some restrictions as to what can be in the
headers.   These restrictions are such that, for example, you can't get
the STLPort headers precompiled.  (Or any other STL implementation, for
that matter.)

Am I right in this?

This seems to be a terrible restriction, as precompiling things like STL
makes a _massive_ difference to compilation time, IME.

When people compare DMC to MSVC and say that it's much faster, are they
running MSVC without precompiled headers?

I have been baffled by the claims that DMC is so much faster than MSVC,
but perhaps I'm beginning to understand them now.  Personally, I find
DMC very slow in comparison with MSVC.

Is there any plan to fix this, by including all the compiler's state
into the precompiled header?  Or have I just misunderstood the
restrictions and they don't actually cause a problem?

Jan 10 2003