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D - Wrong and somewhat rude statement in your docs.

Please modify your documentation, because this is even offensive. At least from
my viewpoint.

Your page http://www.digitalmars.com/d/1.0/memory.html states that:
"_Any_ (my emphasis) non-trivial program needs to allocate and free memory."

Have you ever heard of TeX? Is it a trivial program? Does it allocate memory
dynamically? Dude, such kind of affirmation makes me jump out of my chair.
Please, try
reformulating, maybe by using "most" instead of "any", it would be the really
polite thing to do.

May I ask how could you possibly know about any non-trivial software? In fact,
it couldn't be easier to find a widely used counterexample to your bold
statement! And I am
willing to bet that TeX and its variants are going to find more widespread
usage than D for a long time, maybe even forever.

I actually hope D will eventually replace C++, a language that is already
showing its age and evolves too slowly. Funny enough, TeX is even older,
evolves even slower, but I
do not see the need to move away from it. It is obviously the work of a genius,
but I guess you knew it already (which makes your statement even ruder).

Thank you for your time,
Aug 06 2010