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D - Why I don't want to go to D2

reply bobef <borislav.asdf gmail.com> writes:
I thought of posting this. Not because I want to be in a discussion but
because it is a shame. I won't post here anymore. I just want Walter and
Andrei and few others to see this. I've been using D1 for years. I have
several projects in D. I have a text editor I'm using for years for ALL my
development (akIDE) although it is discontinued. I have a video player that
I'm using for years for all my needs. It was becoming quite popular actually
and there were many good opinions for it. It is discontinued now due my lack
of time. And my last project is a private online library. It is active and I'm
working on it for years. It is is very complex project and has many things in
it (network, audio, video, cryptography, pdf, flash, html, more). It is used
by many people in real life. It uses Tango. Tango is world class library. It
adds more value to D than D adds to C++! If anyone tried to use D for real
life stuff, not experiments, he will know. It is pure shame, because Tango
developers are not interested in D2, so Tango will die with D1. And D
developers are not interested in D1. It is pure shame. I don't blame the Tango
guys. I don't like D2 myself. It seems bloated and slow and adds so much
ugliness (never tried it, the docs make me not want to). The only thing I need
from D2 is better reflection (without the damn underlines!). That's it. The
other stuff is bs. This is my *personal* opinion. Please excuse my harsh
language. I don't want to disrespect the effort of Walter, Andrei, etc. But
put that effort where it is useful. Throw away Phobos and help Tango :) So I
was actually thinking of switching to C# or Java because I can't go back to
stone age (C++) after using D for years. This is why I post this. Please think
about this. I was using D very happily for years every day for real life
stuff. Now you make me want to quit D. In my eyes D2 is not good and D2
without Tango is shit. With this course of development you will keep all the
hobby guys and lose all quality. Just take a look at the newsgroup (btw wtf
did you remove the nice web interface and left this one that is pure shit??!).
I'm using D from I don't remember how long. It was something like 0.76... This
was pre 0.100 and 0.100 is pre 1.0 and now it is 1.62... When I got here there
was a lot of quality people in the community. Now it is full of shit.
Slandering and fighting for nothing full of non-sense topics.... Keep going if
you decide, but probably without me... If Walter, Andrei, etc is interested in
real discussion with me, not the bullshit in the newsgroup borislav.asdf at
gmail dot com . I'm very tired now and my post has no solid arguments but if
it touches you I can write it neatly when I take a rest. Best regards, bobef
Nov 10 2010
parent bioinfornatics <bioinfornatics fedoraproject.org> writes:
Tango D2 will come soon wait we works on. If you want help go to irc chanel
Mar 08 2011