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D - The great compromise of the D standard library

reply Ender KaShae <astrothayne gmail.com> writes:
I have great misgivings over the divide among the D community between 
standard libriraries.  The contintion will no doubt eventually lead to a 
  schism reduce the reusibility of D code.  I suggest the following 

1.) Phobos and Tango are combined into a single Standard library, as 
Phobos seems to be lower level, it would make sense for Tango to call 
Phobos functions and for alias's to be made between equivilent entities 
that exist in both libraries

2.) Programmers are incouraged to contribute to the new standard library

3.) Walter will remain the final say on what contributions are added to 
the library

4.) The name for the standard library will be neutral between Digital 
Mars and DSource

I believe this compromise will address most of the issues though it 
would have to be agreed upon by both factions.  This has the additional 
advantage have creating a library with both low level procedural and 
higher level object-oriented parts.  This hybridization is one of the 
things that attracted me most to D in the first place.

as an aside I believe there should be a more standardized way to suggest 
changes to the D language
Oct 16 2007
parent Zane <zane.sims gmail.com> writes:
I agree with your points and would also like to see this happen.  Having  the
libraries separated gives a strong feel of the standard library being
 With both libraries merged, I think that there will be a more "batteries
included" sort of feel.  Though such a compromise would/will be harder to work
than it sounds.  Still, I encourage this idea to go further!  I think that it
would make D code more readable and reusable.  Note that I am note making this
ot be an insult on either library.

Dec 07 2007