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D - Simple D Questions

reply "Wes" <ffhighwind hotmail.com> writes:
1. Is int[3,3] the same in memory as int[3][3]?
I can't really tell based on the description.

2. Is there a command such as #error or #warning in D?
I assume this is maybe #pragma (msg, "error message") static 

3. Can you use static if() {} with the {} block?
None of the examples had it. I know it's because of scope 
issues... but I'd hate to have to write static if(x) 5 times in a 
row for 5 variables.
Jul 26 2012
parent "Wes" <ffhighwind hotmail.com> writes:
Moved my post to D.learn... send replies there.
http://forum.dlang.org/thread/idtozolptpwymkcekzhj forum.dlang.org#post-idtozolptpwymkcekzhj:40forum.dlang.org
Jul 26 2012