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D - Is D appropriate for creating a stable production app?

Repost from Dsource.org [http://www.dsource.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=11667]

I am curious as to what all of you, being involved with the development of
some of the most fundamental parts of D's progression, have to say about
whether D should be used in a certain situation.

My business is developing a web application primarily coded in PHP, and for
performance reasons, many of the algorithms are to be made with a different
language. Our team greatly favors PHP over other languages, as we all have
grown accustomed to a method of creating applications with PHP that are
extremely easy to maintain over time, take little time to code, and are not
error-prone. However, we are also concerned very much so with performance, for
the end user's sake and for our own (Higher application performance means less
resources used, which ends up meaning more cash in our pocketbook), so we have
a need to use a different language for certain aspects of our base-framework.

We are looking into a vast array of different languages at this point,
analyzing the benefits and downsides of each. As none of us have very much
experience with the D language (beyond reading some documentation and
tutorials), I thought that a post here might help us learn more about the D
language and how it pertains to our situation.

While analyzing different languages, we look for these qualities:
1) Stability and reliance
2) Performance
3) Ease of code maintenance
4) Ease of implementation

Languages that top our list right now are C and C++, but due to D's similarity
to these languages and its improvements over both, I think it has a fair
chance of coming out on top. But then, I'm not very familiar with the D
language in the first place. Thus, I ask all of you D-Wizards for your input
and recommendations here, and thank you for taking the time to read this post
and maybe even taking the time to reply!
Nov 09 2006