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D - D and Robotics

reply Hugo Gibson <gibsonhugo gmail.com> writes:
Hello all,

Am loving using D having come from a C++ background genuinely feels
like emerging from a nightmare. I think I was almost unaware that
someone could come along and fix all my problems. Thanks Walter!

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any practical experience of
using D with robotics. I'm sure it's viable I'm just looking to get
some more info on it. I want to start to use D for some of my
projects, because of its concurrency model. Since concurrency is
essential to even the most basic robot I'm keen to adopt a language
that is suited to simple concurrent programming.

Oct 25 2011
parent Mike <mike1jeremie hotmail.com> writes:
I would be interested in this as well. Specifically USB interfaces and other
microcontroller communications.
Jan 04 2012