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reply %u <timetraveler mytime.net> writes:
Oh yeah, now that is just fine and dandy. Did you think about me?
Ever? I have time invested... and... Shut up. Pffft! Severence?
Don't dare (not) offer me that. (I could use it though, Kim....
nevermind (You were right and will always be right and I was wrong
and will always be wrong)).

And now DOT ORG? Well shit, while I have sleeping bags (2 :(), I
don't have a tent and stuff. This is very abrupt, don't you think?

I am strong, I'll be OK (but what about those who have...not my
concern, nor yours huh).

I had a really bad childhood.

You make me feel really bad.

And there is no crying "in baseball".

There ain't crying in it.

There is no crying in baseball, and I hate team sports.

You know now what I knew in 3rd grade?

Jan 13 2011
parent leticialeakes <stereosteand gmail.com> writes:
I wish I could travel in time and return all the possible good 
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when it all happened with my "digital" addiction. I spent $3000 
on domains, cause I had to work for 
https://domyessay.today/research-paper-writing/ when it all 
changed and there appeared pro, top, org, center, etc.
Nov 23 2017