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DMDScript - building DMDScript with DMD 1.0 and 0.178 fails

reply Dejan Lekic <dejan.lekic gmail.com> writes:
Here is what i get when i try to build DMDScript with DMD 1.0
on my GNU/Linux box (linux 2.6.18, gcc 4.1.1).

-- build-log ---------8<------------------------------------------
[root mrak dmdscript]# make -f linux.mak
dmd -c textgen.d
dmd -oftextgen ./textgen.o
gcc ./textgen.o -o textgen -m32 -lphobos -lpthread -lm
dmd -c -I.. -O -release identifier.d
../dmdscript/protoerror.d(79): class
dmdscript.protoerror.proto!(TEXT_SyntaxError).D0_prototype has forward
../dmdscript/protoerror.d(99): class
dmdscript.protoerror.proto!(TEXT_SyntaxError).D0 has forward references
../dmdscript/protoerror.d(176): template instance
dmdscript.protoerror.proto!(TEXT_SyntaxError) error instantiating
make: *** [identifier.o] Error 1
-- build-log ---------8<------------------------------------------
Jan 05 2007
parent reply bobr <bob_racko yahoo.com> writes:
yes, I get the same when building on non-linux platforms.

I am trying to correct any other porting issues and come back to these last.  I
was able to comment out the instantiations at the bottom of protoerror.d to get
things to move-on.  Eventually I'll have to put them back in.
Jan 09 2007
parent bobr <bob_racko yahoo.com> writes:
ok no problems with dmd 0.163 so the issues must
have been introduced since then.
Jan 16 2007