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DMDScript - Could you please provide more details on your script engine

For our scripting engine acquisition and customizing,
we try to contact the  DigitalMars by email(wgmars7 digitalmars.com)
but I received the delivery failed notification.

So, I write it here for contacting DigitalMars.


Dear Digital Mars,

I'm Hoyoung Kang, the Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics in
We are looking for company which has capabilitis to develop script

I'm very lucky to find your script engine, "DMDScript".
If your script engine meets our requirements,
I'd like to outsource our scripting modules to you.

I'm writing brief requirements below.
Could you please propose the on-demand development for our project?
I'd like you to include a rough cost and period estimation in your
reply to secure budget.
And let me know your key approach for our fast decision and
execution about co-operation.

- below -
1. Our program was implemented with C/C++ Language.
2. We have to substitute our old script engine(SBL) with new.
3. The module substitution demands both engine acquisition and
4. Our project has to complete at September at the latest.
5. The acquired and outsourced scripting module can be deployed
with our commercial product
    without the right of engine using from you.

Thank you for your time.

Hoyoung Kang.
Apr 04 2010